(Photos by Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

The first thing you need to know about Cotton Candy Grapes is that they are not the product of some underground frankenfood genetics laboratory functioning deep below the Iowa State Fair. The all-natural grapes are the result of plant-breeding, according to California's Grapery. The plant breeder offering up the treat says the Cotton Candy Grape was created by cross pollinating wild grape species—this is their first commercial harvest. But do they really taste like the puffy pink stuff of your childhood?

We procured some through Fresh Direct—our 1.67 lbs came to around $6.70—who are now offering the grapes (along with other Grapery items like Witch Finger Grapes). The Grapery's CEO told KGET that, "They taste exactly like cotton candy. We've had quite a few blind tastings where we don't tell people what it is they're going to be tasting, the first thing they say is cotton candy."

smgrapes0813.jpgHere's what Gothamist staffers thought after a tasting this morning:

  • "I think it's a surprisingly fantastic flavor combination. Tastes like the grapes have been aged in a cotton candy factory." — Ben Yakas
  • "My mouth hasn't touched cotton candy since the late '80s, but these grapes were grea(p). They lack the tartness that causes me to avoid normal grapes, and they are also giant, but without seeds! I think they're the Perfect Grape." — Lauren Evans
  • "These grapes are amazing, not a sour note in the bunch, and a true taste and smell of Cotton Candy. The only problem is that now I'll have to find out where I can get these for cheap. Do you know a guy? Email me!" — Jen Carlson
  • "The flavor is pleasant, but there is something inherently disturbing about a natural flavor mimicking the Fiberglass Insulation of Candy. I'll stick to my tart grapes." — Chris Robbins
  • "I detected a hint of cotton candy essence, an extra burst of sweetness, but that's perhaps because I was looking for it. If someone handed me a bunch of these grapes and didn't tell me they were special, I'd just think they were regular grapes." — Nell Casey
  • "Just tasted like grapes to me. I'd stick with with the Grapple." — Marc Yearsley

Time notes that prices are as low as $5/lb locally, but can get up to $10/lb elsewhere! Have you spotted them at the market yet? Fresh Direct is sold out right now, meaning we could have a new, healthier Cronut Craze on our hands.