Your mouth is moving through the air, pushing towards an ice cream cone topped with something pink. It expects a cool sweet burst of ice cream, but SURPRISE, Your Mouth, it's cotton candy. The aesthetically-pleasing but otherwise, let's agree, not-that-great town fair treat. Yet what happens next will surprise Your Mouth... the cotton candy is just a brief, complimentary introduction to what hides beneath: that ice cream you were expecting.

It's like your ice cream cone is wearing a light jacket—perfect for Autumn.

The perfect Fall ice cream cone.

Fancy mayonnaise creator and ice cream purveyor Sam Mason is finally introducing this Cotton Candy Cone at his OddFellows ice cream shop in Williamsburg tomorrow. According to Grub Street, the new hybrid in town "consists of s'mores ice cream (smoky burnt-marshmallow base + graham cracker + chocolate + burnt marshmallows) in a chocolate-dipped sugar cone, covered with smoked cotton-candy." Fine, we want one. Two. Fifteen. All of them. Stay away from our cotton candy cones OKAY.

While there are two OddFellows locations, this will only be available (for now?) at the Williamsburg one, at 175 Kent Avenue.