Newark Mayor Cory Booker, everyone's favorite hero and Chris Christie's nemesis, sat down for his Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session and fielded questions ranging from Facebook's donation to Newark schools, what he thought when running into a burning building to save a woman ("can't believe I'm so out of shape climbing a flight of stairs"), and
how he feels about comparisons to President Obama ("He went to an elite highfalutin law school: Harvard. I went to a gritty, inner city, law school: Yale"). And then he discussed his love affair with two dudes... named Ben & Jerry.

A question came up about being vegetarian and Booker explained:

As for the vegetarian thing. . . I became a vegi almost exactly 20 years ago. I was a competitive athlete back then and wanted to see what could take my body to the next level, also I was reading everything I could about food, where it came from, what impact it had both on me and my world. So in 1992, I decided to experiment, to try it for 3 to 6 months. And WOW! when I did my athletic performance took off, I felt so much better and it comported with other values and ideas I was exploring at the time, so I decided that this is what is best for me. It was a very personal decision. I tried to be vegan for a while too. But that didn't last long. There is something about those two guys I love so much, that I lean on, that I so badly just want to hug: Ben & Jerry - I couldn't leave them. . . I think those guys need me too much. Ben . . . Jerry, I'm here for you. . . Call me. . .