The entrance. (Gothamist)


A couple of weeks ago we spotted some handwritten signs at the opening of an alley that leads to a courtyard on Plymouth Street in DUMBO, they said "Farmer's Market." We figured it was a trap, or a set for one of the many movies filmed in the neighborhood. But today we found out IT'S REAL—one of the organizers told us that from today onward it will be happening every Wednesday, from 5 to 8 p.m.

The news is welcome, as DUMBO is a bit of a food desert with Peas & Pickles and Bridge Fresh as the only options of fresh-ISH produce (unless you want to pay triple at Forager's—$6.99 for a 1/2 cup of blueberries today!).

Precious little is known about the mysterious Farmer's Market, which has popped up out of nowhere—when we returned with more questions and a better camera, the organizers were deep behind the locked gate, unavailable. But we'll update when we find out more.

The market is located on Plymouth Street, between Pearl and Jay streets.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Despite what the guy working there earlier told us ("yes, it's a Farmer's Market"), and despite the "Farmer's Market" sign... a woman working there now tells us it's just a CSA! Here's a photo of the sign as it looks now:


Anyway, someone bring a farmer's market to DUMBO please.