We've got just five more days until we're finally reunited with Arrested Development. Gorging on frozen bananas last week helped kill some time, and now a restaurant in Brooklyn is taking the Bluth family fervor to the next level with "The Final Countdown: An Arrested Development Tasting Menu." Clinton Hill's Three Letters is offering an eight-course tasting menu of all the Bluth family favorites on Sunday, May 26th from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. for $45 a person. And what delicious morsels of familial harmony will you be dining on? Here's the menu, with video accompaniment.

  • Start off with Lucille Bluth's Breakfast (vodka rocks and a piece of toast) or Buster's Bender (a tall glass of juice)
  • Try not to burn yourself on the Cornballs: Brown butter Corn Croquettes
  • Next, it's Lindsay's delectable Hot Ham Water: Ham Consomme with Fried Country Ham, Asparagus and Chive Oil
  • Mayonegg, anyone?: Eggs mayonnaise in a Lettuce Cup with Sorrel Gribiche
  • You'll have no trouble recognizing the Chicken Gene Parmesan with Spicy Club Sauce: Chicken Confit, Parmigiano incognito, with Chili-Horseradish-Tomato Sauce
  • Carl Weather's Stew, Baby!: Chicken Bone Brother, a Potato, Carrots
  • Wimpy's Ike and Tina Tuna (Plate or Platter!), perfect for Mother-Daughter bonding: Seared Tuna, Sweet Sauce, Bitter Greens
  • For dessert, there's George Bluth's favorite prison treat, the Ice Cream Sandwich and, of course, the GOB: Frozen Banana, Double Dipped, Double Nuts
  • via A Week From Thursday

    Hopefully someone just asks for a Skip's Scramble.

    So if you're not on a diet and aren't afraid of a little scalding oil, don your most expensive suit and eat up! Just avoid making a huge mistake by calling 718-622-4679 to make a reservation before it sells out.

    And sorry, no candy bars for you.