The tranquility of some Connecticut farm stands has been shattered after two corn thefts. At one farm, 153 ears were taken, while another farm was missing 2,400 ears of corn.

Whit Betts, sales manager of the Green Acres Farm in Bristol, told WTNH that on Sunday, August 3, his staff went to pick corn to sell that day, but found it "picked clean." He said, "They started looking to get the ears of corn and there was nothing there. I mean absolutely no ears at all... We think it was done by somebody who has the ability to pick corn... It was done at night. It was a lot of corn. I don’t think the average person would be able to come through here." The value of the 2400 ears of sugar corn was about $1,200.

The Anderson Farms in Wethersfield was hit on July 31. From the NY Times:

The Andersons’ main plot is safeguarded by a locked gate to discourage trespassers from helping themselves to ears of corn. That did not stop two outsiders, though, from targeting 40 acres the family sows outside the gate. “One was holding the bag,” said Christopher Anderson, the fourth-generation farmer who confronted the pillagers, “and the other was filling it up.”

He caught up with them just ahead of the police at a neighbor’s house. “They had corn tassels in their hair,” Mr. Anderson said. “A dead giveaway.”

Efrain Pacheco, 60, and Carlos Pacheco, 32, were charged with sixth-degree larceny for stealing the 153 ears (value: just under $100). Farmers believe the corn is being resold (corn black market)

Apparently the Pachecos offered to pay for the corn, but Anderson wanted to press charges, telling the Times, "If someone needs a dozen ears, or if you need food, hey, I’ll even pick it for you. But don’t take advantage of someone else’s hard work to steal stuff."

Betts had an idea for corn thieves, "Heck, I don’t want these guys to go to jail. I want them to pick weeds on farms for two summers in a row. See how much of an appetite they have for stealing corn after that."

By the way, Green Acres Farm currently has a special on butter-and-sugar corn and is also selling Kandy corn, which is known for its sweet flavor.