The hot dog vendor accused of swindling tourists with overpriced hot dogs near the 9/11 Memorial has been brought to justice. After being accused of charging $30 for a hot dog and pretzel, vendor Ahmed Mohammed was visited by cops out of Manhattan's 1st Precinct, who issued the vendor three summonses with the Environmental Control Board.

NBC New York first reported the story Tuesday night and returned again yesterday to confront Mohammed once again. Allegedly confused by all the media attention, Mohammed put the reporters on the phone with the cart's owner, who claimed the worker was "new at the job" and therefore perhaps misunderstood that you're not supposed to discriminate on customers based on their unfortunate circumstance of not living in New York City.

The cart's owner, who identified himself as Abdul, said he would also be posting prices for the cart soon. The cost of one dirty water dog at the cart on Albany and Greenwich will now be a scant $2.50. Unless you're one of these people, in which case, that'll be $30 please.