This Saturday, as I'm sure you know because you've had your outfit all picked out for weeks, is National Mustard Day. And here in the big city (where mustard is the only acceptable condiment for hot dogs) we're getting the party started early with free scoops of Mustard Ice Cream. Below is everything you need to know to get in on the action... if you dare dig into this bright yellow promotional gimmick.

And yes, this whole thing is paid for by French's, and the ice cream is as freakishly bright neon yellow as their mustard. However, it is shockingly... really good! And that's because it was made by the women of Coolhaus, the LA-based outfit known for their funky trucks and flavors named after architects (Frank Berry, IM Pei-nut Butter, and so on). Coolhaus also baked the excellent free pretzel cookie that comes with your free scoop.

French's sent over a preview pint of the stuff last week and I spooned that sucker down in a hurry. You definitely get a tangy hit of mustard-ness in there, but it's more like eating a delightfully creamy Fior Di Latte (the first three ingredients are whole milk, heavy cream, and sugar) that happens to be neon yellow.

Coolhaus doesn't have any parlors in New York City, so they'll be handing out all the free scoops (in a cup) and cookies from a French's-branded truck. On Thursday the truck will be near Rockefeller Center and in front of the Hearst Tower near Columbus Circle. On Friday it'll park first in Brooklyn Heights and then near Madison Square Park. Exact times will announced on their respective Instagram accounts.

Fancy people can also enjoy their Mustard Ice Cream this Saturday in the Hamptons, on Main Street as well as at East Hampton's Main Beach. Your move, Big Ketchup.