There's a lot we don't know at this hour. We don't know where exactly in Queens this video was taken, or how, or why God. We do know the individual who documented this opossum in the baked goods section of a grocery store in NYC is named Shayne. That's... about it. The rest is for you to ponder the next time you reach for a loaf of french bread at your local supermarket.

The person who uploaded this chilling video to Twitter, who goes by the handle @nastyradishes, says the opossum was sighted on Saturday in Astoria. @nastyradishes declined to identify the grocery or deli in question, because, in @nastyradishes' words, "I don’t wanna do them dirty like that." Other Twitter users are also strangely protective of the opossum's cozy home:

What do you think? Are opossums the new bodega cats? Should the opossum be allowed to live in peace in the baked goods section of the grocery store without being ousted by a viral Internet backlash? Or should it be returned to its natural habitat on the D train? Also, is it an opossum or a possum and what is the difference? Let us know in the comments!