Photo of Palin, McCain and Obama cookies by Tien Mao.

phpx4JF4kPM-1.jpgThe Zaro's in Grand Central Terminal has whipped up a political pastry whose sales are turning into an unscientific (but delicious) poll; their black & white cookies can now be purchased with the faces of the four candidates on them. That's right, all you Joe Six-packs out there can now sink your teeth into the former Miss Alaska hopeful, gosh darnit.

So will the Obama/Biden ticket bake back the White House? The purveyor of baked goods tells us the current tally is hopeful for the dems, and looks like this: Obama: 2,717, McCain: 1,523, Palin: 787, Biden: 204.

However, co-owner Joseph Zaro says that "some customers are not buying a particular cookie because it represents their candidate of choice. One woman bought five Palin cookies, then smudged out her face, broke them up and threw them in the garbage." The shop also noted that women are buying Palin cookies over men by a huge percentage. And this just in: Biden black & whites (pictured at left) are currently sold out!