2005_04_food_cookie.jpgOkay, we're all about being healthy (or at least trying, sort of), but the folks at Sesame Street may have gone a tad too far. Cookie Monster, famous for his carb-loving tendencies, is no longer singing the ode to his namesake treat, "C is for Cookie," but will be singing "A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food." Sigh. Although Gothamist understands that with childhood obesity rates skyrocketing, any attempt to help children learn better eating habits is a plus, but it still seems somewhat odd to tinker with such a fundamental portion of Cookie Monster's personality. The change is part of the show's Healthy Habits for Life initiative, which is designed to teach kids about good eating habits, exercise, and ways to improve self-esteem. Our favorite part of the new program? Check out the "I Tried a New Food Today" award. Gothamist is going to try to do our best rack some of these babies up!