Can a cookie really be a cookie unless it's a cookie flavored with its own cookie flavor? Or something? These are the kinds of deep questions Nabisco made us ask ourselves with the rerelease of the Cookies n' Creme Oreo, which appears to be an Oreo flavored with...Oreo.

Like some kind of Oreo mobius strip, this sneaky flavor appears to be regular Oreo cookie pieces stuffed with Cookies n' Cream (aka Oreo) ice cream-flavored cream. I scream, you scream, we all run screaming from gimmicky food-within-a-food sales ploys. And don't think this means we've forgotten about your lies, damn lies and understuffed cookies, Oreo!

Some readers gave us the head's up that the cookies can be procured at your local Duane Reade; there must be some interested parties out there.