While it's all well and good that some chefs are willing to teach New Yorkers how to cook in their kitchens, there is an unfortunate reality: The tiny kitchen. Or even the big kitchen but with one foot of counter space and gross appliances your landlord won't replace. So for those of you with tiny kitchens, with refrigerators that only hold varieties of alcohol, tonic water, and leftovers, we give you the Gothamist list of recipes for cooking:
- Hangover Helper: Saltines
- Weight Watchers Frozen Meals: To keep track of those points!
- Baby spinach in a bag: Lots of vitamins, can be eaten raw or wilted in a pan with a splash of water
- Prepared chocolate chip cookie dough
- Menupages
If you really want to cook, you can stock up on food from FreshDirect. Unless, of course, you live in Lockhart Steele's neck of the woods.

The Times has a list of chefs and cooking schools for private lessons. If you want to spend that money on some new kitchen appliances or fancy foods, Gothamist suggets working as a kitchen assistant for cooking classes at the New School, where you basically get to attend a class, by helping the teachers and students throughout the lesson and meal and cleaning up at the end. It's like working at a restaurant and it's free.