A cook at the Roger Smith Hotel in Midtown is suing the boutique inn for $35 million dollars after two employees dressed up as Ku Klux Klan members and taunted him in two separate incidents. Julius Jones, who is black, states in court documents obtained by the Daily News that a painter allegedly approached him last year donning a "pure white cone-shaped article on his head," and said, "Hey, look at me. I am the Ku Klux Klan."

"I was blown away," Jones told the paper. "He laughed in my face and enjoyed what he was doing. And there was a manager right there looking at him and didn't say a word." After reporting what happened to his managers, they reviewed surveillance footage that confirmed the incident, and fired the painter.

But apparently the HILARIOUS joke was too hilarious to not perform a second time, and later in the year the hotel's chef put a white pillowcase over his head and allegedly asked Jones, "How does that make you feel? Do you feel insulted?" The chef later said his outfit was "an improvised Halloween costume of a ghost," but presumably realized that his failure to fabricate a more effective excuse than a 5-year-old was the nadir of his career, and resigned.

"We have a strict policy against any type of harassing actions, and we respond expeditiously when it comes to our attention," the vice president of the hotel said. Jones's attorney, not surprisingly, isn't buying it: "The first time they said it was a prank; this shows no one got the memo that this is unacceptable behavior in the workplace." No word on whether the hotel will cancel the "17th Annual Bedsheet & Duncecap Expo" scheduled for next month.