Happy Canada Day! Hopefully you're washing down a St-Viateur bagel with a Tim Hortons coffee right about now in celebration. Now, let's get down to business... earlier this week when Pat Kiernan gave us tips on how to properly pay homage to his homeland, we mentioned we'd be running a little contest. Consider this your heads up!

Sometime after noon we'll be posting a trivia question on our Twitter feed (@Gothamist), and so will Pat Kiernan (@PatKiernan). If you know the answer, @ reply it to the respective Twitter handle, and you could win a chance to eat poutine at Mile End in Brooklyn with Pat (and us)! We've reserved the place on July 15th, so make sure you're available that evening. And if you miss out on the Twitter contest, we'll also be picking another winner from our newsletter contest, so be sure to sign up to get another shot. And now, a word from everyone's favorite Canadian pop star, Robin Sparkles: