Two construction workers put the Free Beer in TGIFBF this morning when they snuck into the Bronx Brewery for a little mid-morning pick-me-up. The duo were caught on the brewery's security cam helping themselves to some of the spot's signature suds, at one point one of them exclaiming, "This is good!" It's true, the El Serrano Red IPA is quite delicious.

Bronx Brewery Beer Thievesby Gothamist

"I came out of the bathroom and saw two guys sitting at the bar," recounts Assistant Brewer Morgan Snyder. "They had full pints." Snyder says he couldn't find a manager to confirm the duo's identity and by the time he got back, they were gone. Realizing they were probably outside, he sought them out and noticed they were trying to hide the cups of beer from him; one had already gotten in his car and placed the full beer in the cup holder. When asked how they ended up in the building, they told Snyder "the forklift guy" told them they should try the beer, despite nobody on staff using the company's forklift today.

"We're having a Christmas party so we wanted to figure out what beer to bring," the men told Snyder, who says he "gave them the benefit of the doubt" but told them they had to come inside, as they were violating open container laws and putting the brewery in jeopardy. Snyder and marketing coordinator Nick Mezansky confirm that if the men had been spotted by police, the brewery could have been shut down, as all cups are emblazoned with the words Bronx Brewery.

The trio made their way back inside and one of the construction workers threw down a $5 "for your trouble." Ultimately, the men bought and paid for a six pack. Snyder and Mezansky say they've seen some strange stuff since opening but this tops the list.