There may be less Water Taxi Beach to love this summer. New Yorkology caught up with a manager for the popular trio of sandy oases and he tells that that because of a city construction project the original Beach, by Long Island City, may not be able to open this year. Bummer! But to paraphrase Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks, two out of three Water Taxi Beaches ain't bad.

And nothing is set in sand yet. "We’re trying to keep that space” or one nearby, the manager said. They hope to know the fate of the Queens beach within a month.

Meanwhile the South Street Seaport and Governors Island beaches are set to go with the Island one opening up Memorial Day weekend and then opening every weekend (and now holiday Mondays!) for the rest of the summer. Like last year they plan on augmenting the the awesome view with an entertainment lineup to keep the people grooving.

The South Street Seaport beach will open in the same spot as in the past on May 5. They're still working out how many weekdays it will be open for but it is safe to assume it'll be there for weekends when you want to sit downtown with some sand between your toes.

Meanwhile, we didn't realize that the Water Taxi Beaches are now no longer affiliated with New York Water Taxi.