It's winter, and although snow is pretty much a fairy tale your grandchildren will one day laugh at you for droning on about in the underground Climate Change Refugee Bunkers up in Yonkers, let's try to keep up appearances. Hotel Americano is doing their best to evoke a retro wintertime vibe with their new rooftop restaurant, bar, and "hot tub" lounge called Conosur.

The Americano, located in Chelsea, opened their rooftop lounge this spring under the name La Piscine. That concept will return next summer, and in the meantime they've given the place a winter lodge vibe with sheepskins over the chairs and heat lamps, and turned the temperature in the pool up to 100 or so. Non-hotel guests are welcome to take the plunge daily after 5 p.m., and you don't have to towel off to order an espresso cocktail or hot mezcal punch.

Fun fact for hot tub conversation starters: The name Conosur is inspired by South America’s Cono Sur, "the continental cone just south of the Tropic of Capricorn, comprised largely by Chile and Argentina, whose southern tip is just 80 miles north of Antarctic and inspires Conosur’s Chef Joseph Buenconsejo to wield a wintry menu full of warmth and heart and hospitality." Here's the menu, which includes a fondue pots; a Bife de Chorizo (strip steak and bone marrow dish topped with red chimichurri); and the gamey Conejo, a rich braised rabbits dish with lentils:

Conosur Menu

518 West 27 Street, (212) 525-0000