We all love making jokes about riding a Citi Bike into the Rain Room while wearing Google Glass and eating a cronut, ha ha, but A) Those jokes are not very funny and B) We have never done that because we're too Important and Busy because Google has ignored our earnest requests for a free lifetime Google Glass trial.

Someone, however, has enough time and disposable income that they decided to stage the Ultimate Meme, and, don't get us wrong, while we do appreciate that, it does force us to question the mental stability of someone who would place a $1,500 device on top of what, if we are being honest, amounts to damp, sugary pastry—a pastry which, while certainly delicious to us, probably does not taste quite the same to the Google Glass, because, despite its irrefutable sophistication and well-earned status as a technological marvel, does not need to eat and therefore probably will not appreciate the importance of being rested on the cronut.

There are many things that would be interesting to place upon a cronut: Google Glass, the Dead Sea Scrolls and a Cottonmouth snake wearing a Christmas sweater are just a few of them. In the end though, all of these things will just wind up sticky, and you will have ruined your cronut.