Coca Cola announced today that the company is killing its much-hyped, poorly-received white cans. So much for saving the polar bears!

Barely a month after introducing the new cans, the company is shipping fewer of them out, following customer complaints about everything from the taste (which seems like a stretch) to its confusingly similar color to the silver Diet Coke cans ("Coke is doing away with the white holiday cans. Yay! Looking like diet coke, it was slowing me down on the beverage cart," tweeted one flight attendant). While the company insists that the white cans were "well-received" and "generated a lot of interest and excitement," they are cutting back on production and pumping out a huge new batch of seasonal cans in classic red. It's not as bad as the company's epic 1985 "New Coke" fiasco, but it will have to do.

In the meantime, the white ones that are already on shelves will sit there forever, eventually fossilizing and providing future scientists with valuable information about their ancestors—information such as, "Your biological forefathers were so dumb they couldn't tell white and silver apart."