Williamsburg hotspot Metropolitan's vine-tangled patio, scattered with picnic tables and lawn chairs, draws throngs of tank-top-wearing, chain-smoking, $2-PBR-swilling gays from across the city seven nights a week—and the neighbors have had enough. Members of Community Board 1 unanimously rejected a proposal to renew the establishment's liquor license. It isn't that the gays are too proud, they say, it's just that they're too damn loud!

Metropolitan's backyard may soon be the least of neighbors' worries though. Nearby restaurant Mesa Coyoacan has parked a permanent food truck at the corner of Metropolitan and Lorimer, and promises to dish out tacos well past 4:00a.m.

While the board's decision won't stop Metropolitan from serving anytime soon—the S.L.A. will have final say as to whether or not the gays can stay—community residents are hoping the bar will be proactive in soundproofing the outdoor space in a manner that won't dampen the revelry. As Williamsburg denizen Sinclair Rankin tells the Brooklyn Paper, “I could care less if people were making out back there. You can’t hear making out.” The owner could not be reached for comment and bartenders seemed unaware of the precarious situation.

Metropolitan isn't the only gay bar with liquor license laments. Across town, Community Board 4 is embroiled in its own battle with sports bar Boxer's, claiming the issue isn't that the establishment—slated to open near an elementary school—also caters to the lavender set.