If you've been counting down the days until you could swill an artisanal Sparkle & Fade martini while browsing a selection of bespoke graphic tees and listening to some sweet tunes at Williamsburg's future Urban Outfitters outpost, prepare to have your hopes brutally dashed by the cruel hand of Community Board 1; last night, the board's liquor license committee voted to deny the clothing company's liquor license application for their upcoming Bedford Ave space. WILLIAMSBURG IS DEAD.

The company had planned to install a bar and restaurant on the second floor of their upcoming 3-story North 6th Street space, arguing that the marriage of alcohol and manufactured hipster threads would help make it "an integral part of the community," since Williamsburg's just a bunch of fauxhemian drunks these days. But CB1 was not impressed. "I go to Ikea and have a sandwich with meatballs, and I don't need a drink," board member Rob Solano, who has presumably never made a mismatched Malm bedroom set purchase post-Evan Williams shots in the kids' furniture section, said last night. "I have no idea where the alcohol fits in."

The full Community Board's ultimate decision is just an advisory one, and the fate of Urban Outfitters'-curated cocktails rests on the shoulders of the State Liquor Authority. And the retailer is presumably still forging ahead with other plans for the new megastore, which will boast a restaurant, pop-up booths selling Brooklyny crafts and a rooftop for patrons to "enjoy drinks and WiFi...and sometimes just sunshine," at long last bringing a touch of culture to Bedford Ave's barren wasteland.

And if the Williamsburg store isn't enough of a corporate community for you, the company plans to build a 3-story "Lifestyle Center" in Herald Square soon, and their Fifth Ave location will start selling specialty coffee alongside the $80 strapless jumpsuits soon.