College kids in New York seem to have a lot more free time these days, time which they spend marrying each other and opening restaurants in their dorms. Jonah Reider, a senior at Columbia, has created Pith, a "new American" prix fixe eatery he runs four nights a week out of the communal kitchen in his Hogan Hall dormitory. GTFO with that Top Ramen packet, there's celery root to braise and lamb to sear.

Reider—who was dubbed the "next Martha Stewart" by his high school paper—was more recently profiled by the Columbia Spectator two weeks after opening his restaurant. On service nights, four diners are served dishes like rainbow trout with fennel gremolata, black currant, and chanterelle rice, plus an appetizer of cheese or other nibbles. "These Zabar's olives are so fire—that means they’re awesome," Reider gushed to the Post. Fire? Fleek? Fetch?

"The cost of dinner varies from night to night, but will generally be $10 to $20 per person. Contributing to cost may be an excellent appetizer board of cheeses, olives, and house made pickles," according to Pith's website. "Additionally, affordable bottles of wine and cocktails will be offered." There are no plans to turn the restaurant into a for-profit enterprise; the cost of a meal reimburses Reider for all the groceries.

Then there's the question of legality, at least from the Health Department's point of view. The agency tells us, "Officially, we're looking into this." Gotta get that letter grade, kid!

"This is not sustainable at all except for the fact that I'm in my last year of college and can spend two hours chilling and cooking dinner," Reider admits. Dinners at Pith are apparently totally booked up through December; we emailed Reider to ask if the restaurant would resume service after the holidays and we'll update if we hear back. If not, you can always blow $160 to have a 16-year-old make you feel even more ancient.

Update: Reider tells us he'll definitely be operating his restaurant through the spring at least to keep up with demand. "It would be amazing to find an investor so that I could open up a music venue and snack bar, to have more people."