A concept, for your consideration: A digital-media-slash-designer-coffee-slash-commerce brand plans to lure customers to its forthcoming Manhattan storefront with the promise of "the most expensive latte you can drink" and/or post to Instagram.

It's counter-intuitive, to be sure, this, "Hey come to our shop not because it's the best but because we will snake away more of your money than our competitors will" sales strategy, but then, if you think about it, maybe that's the basic understanding behind every local establishment asking you to pay like $7 for augmented bean juice. Anyway, according to Eater, it's essentially the game plan a company called Coffee 'n Clothes has deployed ahead of the March 15th opening of its brick-and-mortar NYC cafe. A compelling grift, or an attempt at reverse psychology? If the latter, is it working?

Admittedly, I am having a hard time parsing what, exactly, Coffee 'n Clothes is, other than a social media presence that churns out coffee-centric, stock photo-looking content. I have however gleaned that "designer coffee" means coffee with recognizable logos embedded in the foam art and plastered on the packaging, like so:

Please, enjoy this drinkable homage to late capitalism:

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I don't presently know what goes into these lattes to make them so expensive, other than the artistic labor required to draw a handbag in milk suds. The promise of oat milk, even in periods of scarcity? Beans that have passed through the digestive tract of a rare cat weasel? A good old-fashioned scam? Rest assured, I have contacted Coffee 'n Clothes to ask not only about the luxury ingredients, but also about the exact price customers can expect to pay to quench their Instagram thirst, and about the shop's location (inside the influencer gym?). I will share with you whatever I learn.