Trouble in the profitable world of coconut water! Over the weekend we mentioned a new ConsumerLab report that found that two of the three major brands of coconut water in the States were not being very truthful about their products' nutritional properties and, would you look at that, today class-action lawsuits have been filed in Manhattan federal court against the makers of both Vita Coco and O.N.E.

The lawsuits claim that both companies are deceiving consumers about the actual nutritional content of their products (specifically their electrolyte levels) and therefore their claims of providing superior hydration benefits. In the suit against Vita Coco the plaintiffs allege that a "confidential witness" says that the company "knew or should have known of this discrepancy for years."

A Vita Coco spokesman tells the Post that "we are confident that Vita Coco continues to be an excellent, all natural source of hydration and that our products' nutrition labels are accurate and in compliance with the FDA. In fact, Vita Coco coconut water is regularly reviewed by an independent third party to ensure the electrolyte levels stated on our nutritional label are consistent with the amount in our coconut water."

This afternoon they might be confident, but this morning they were slightly less so. In an interview with Thomson Reuters Legal Vita Coco founder and CEO said his company was investigating the ConsumerLab study, noted that they raised a "big red flag internally" and admitted that the company was now mulling the idea of adding a disclaimer to its packaging.

The two lawsuits are seeking unspecified damages for anyone who has bought one of the beverages, a corrective advertising campaign and an apology.