Last summer, the NYPD raided Greenpoint watering hole Coco66 and took the additional step of pouring all its alcohol—worth $20K—down the drain, so it could never take any more edges off, ever again. "This is something I've wanted to do for a while," Deputy Inspector Terence Hurson bragged at the time. But Coco66's owner is now suing Hurson, claiming that the NYPD prematurely raided the wrong establishment and illegally poured out his booze.

Kelleran's attorney tells the Daily News that his client wrote a bad check for $4,382 to the SLA for the liquor license for his neighboring restaurant, Coco68, and that the government gave him 10 days to correct the problem and pay the amount owed. Five days later (Note to Deputy Inspector Hurson: Pretend you have 10 bottles of booze, but pour 5 of them out, so how many do you have left to pour down the sink?), police arrived at Coco66 at 12:15 a.m. and began dumping all of the booze down the sink, despite the fact that the bar's liquor license was still valid.

"I don't know why [Hurson] had an ax to grind against the club," the attorney says. Maybe because Hurson didn't have anyone to grind against in the club? “There's no provision of the Alcohol Beverage and Control Law that calls for the wholesale destruction of private property," the attorney, Craig Trainor, says, perhaps overlooking the special "Angry High School Dad" clause. “It was outrageous.”

Coco66 had received noise and overcrowding complaints before the raid, which perhaps provoked the cop's wrath. Kelleran's suit is asking for unspecified monetary damages, and hopefully for Hurson to siphon all that liquor back from the sewer into each individual bottle with one of those curly straws.