City Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz is set to release a report on the noisiest bars in the city today, says the Post. The report, based on complaints made to 311, cites Sutra Club on First Avenue as the noisiest bar in the city with a whopping 235 complaints (the owner chalks it up to an angry neighbor who "discovered her power in 311 and would call every single night as a strategy."). The runner-up in noise/complaint production is Morrisey Park on St. Mark's followed by Rothko on Suffolk St followed by the 11th Street Bar.

Moskowitz wants the State Liquor Authority to take 311 complaint volume into account when renewing liquor licenses, which seems to us to be an interesting idea (though it does run the risk of that one crazy neighbor ruining a lot of peoples fun). While the report is probably just another election season bid for attention, it does raise the question, what bars in the city really are too loud?