Ladies love to booze just as much as any other gender, that's just pure science. But one Clinton Hill Mexican joint thinks ladies need to pace themselves with their own watered-down drink menu, featuring less potent beverages. Is this 1903?

DNAInfo reports that Los Pollitos III has unveiled a new menu (you can see it below) that specifically separates "light alcoholic" drinks (glass of wine, Kalhua & Cream, Bailey's, Alize) "FOR LADIES," alcohol for "EVERYONE," and extra alcohol "FOR MEN."

"The idea was to make people laugh," manager Marcos Merino, who takes credit for the new menu, explained. "People get excited about the menu and have fun with it." Anyone can order anything, according to bartender Leo Vasquez, but, "A lot of times ladies don't like to have the strong stuff so this menu is for them."

While the restaurant's attempts at humor seem to us be leaning more toward insulting, outdated gender stereotypes, some think this is a step in the right direction (assuming that the right direction would include wearing a corset while making 300 sandwiches):

But Leo Jackson, who works at Salon de Lafayette in SOHO and has eaten at the restaurant many times, thinks Los Pollitos has the right idea.

"It makes sense," Jackson, 34, said. "It's women who get so inebriated that they pass out and stumble around. It's safer for them to have drinks with less alcohol."

However, Jackson might be confusing real life with Judd Apatow movies:

Los Pollitos III bar menu