This week, a new restaurant opened in Brooklyn's Clinton Hill: The Wallace—an undertaking by soon to be husband and wife team of Chef Jon Wallace 
 Channel) and Jessica Soule. The duo are "paying tribute to the diverse American culture and cuisine found in the multi-faceted borough of Brooklyn while saluting all things local and home-made." In fact, they say a "majority of the quality driven ingredients used at The Wallace (from the cheese to the sausage to the jams to the buns) are made in-house."

Some offerings from their menu include: Seasonal "Housemade Flatbreads" (with housemade ricotta, grilled, marinated radicchio, crushed red pepper, runny egg); Oysters Oregenata: Oregano infused aioli, Bread crumbs; Housemade Buratta Salad (Savory peach puree, endive, parsley, peach vinaigrette, crispy herbs); Duck Breast (Fingerling potatoes, baby turnips, shaved brussel sprouts, duck demi glaze); The Wallace Burger (House ground short rib & tongue burger, house made whole wheat roll, picked jalapeño, blue cheese, with cheese smothered broccoli); Butternut Squash Risotto (Mascarpone, pecorino romano, balsamic reduction); and Braised Oxtails (Creamy polenta, toasted breadcrumbs, crispy garlic). Check out the menus here (they've even got brunch).

Price points: Entrees hover around the $20 range, while beers start at $6, and wines start at $9 (a Bloody Mary at brunch is a pretty reasonable $8).