Jackie's, why must you toy with us? We sulkily reported last month that the stalwart Park Slope dive would be shutting its doors on September 14, due to the owner's deteriorating health. But that was last month. Today we learned the bar will stay open indefinitely...at least until the 15th, according to one employee.

"We ain't closing the 14th," the bartender working the afternoon shift said pointedly. "We'll be here the 14th, the 15th...after that I don't know."

The delayed closing was first reported by F*cked in Park Slope, which attributed the leak to one skeptical employee. "If you believe the rumor," the worker said. "I'm not sure I do.”

Nevertheless, a party (or perhaps, "party": In the context of Jackie's, not tumbling off one's bar stool is the mark of a successful evening) will be held on the 14th as planned.