Classic Chinatown Dive Winnie's Is Closing

The 28-year-old Winnie's bar in Chinatown is the latest casualty of a Luxury New York City. This is why we can't have not nice things.

Located at 104 Bayard Street, Winnie's has been serving up cheap drinks in a divey atmosphere for nearly three decades—try their Hawaiian Punch, which features rum, vodka, amaretto almond liqueur, creme de bananes, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine. Two of those will make this sound like Josh Groban is serenading you as a gentle wind whipping through the willow trees accompanies him...

According to Jeremiah's Vanishing NY, you better hurry, because closing time is coming soon. Bartenders have confirmed with the site that the bar is not much longer for this world, a confirmation that came after one tipster told them the place would close in March, because "the landlord is renting the space to someone else (they have gone for 3 years without a lease)."

Winnie's, which also serves as an open-room karaoke spot, was a bar even before it took that name. Vanishing believes it may have been Carmine's, a cop bar that "smells as if it has river water in the basement. A couple of drinks and you don't notice the smell anymore."

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