Today might be a good day to reconsider some of the great deals you get on seafood down in Chinatown, at least in the shellfish department. The manager of the New Lin Sichuan Fish Market faces criminal charges after investigators caught her and her employees receiving delivery of hundreds of pounds of freshwater clams from a passenger bus in Chinatown, where they had been stored in the luggage compartment in improper containers without refrigeration.

"It's inconceivable that these defendants would sell seafood that was so unfit for human consumption and think they could get away with it," Attorney General Eric. T. Schneiderman said at a press conference yesterday. According to prosecutors, testing of samples of the shellfish from the New Lin Sichuan Fish Market, located on Market Street, showed the clams to be grossly contaminated with fecal matter, with Fecal Coliform bacterial density levels of more than 30 times the acceptable public health standard for excessive bacteria. You're better off licking Anderson Cooper's cell phone!

The clams also had excessive levels of E. coli. The A.G.'s office notes that, duh, "consumption of raw shellfish with this type of gross fecal contamination places a person in substantial risk of serious physical injury or death." Still, seafood in Chinatown is such a bargain—only $1.99 a pound! The store's manager, Jin Hua Ke, faces two counts of Illegal Commercialization of Wildlife (a felony), one count of Illegal Commercialization of Wildlife, and one count of Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree. She could spend up to four years in state prison if convicted, and the market faces fines of up to $30,000.