Over the past few months, the Health Department has put the kibosh on many a beloved Brooklyn food institution (see: Di Fara, Turkey's Nest), but now, the DOH has shuttered an actual Brooklyn institute—the City Tech cafeteria—for a slew of health code violations so egregious you may very well lose your lunch.

Check out the cafeteria's full rap sheet here—that's 103 violation points, which, as the Brooklyn Paper points out, is more than four times what it takes for the city to shut down a restaurant. Among the "heart-healthy" cafeteria's noteworthy accomplishments are a healthy mice population, fly population, a tendency for staffers to smoke in the kitchen, and a lack of "handwashing facilities" (aka sinks) near the food or bathroom. Overall, it received more violations than any other restaurant in the past two months.

A call to the school confirms that the cafeteria is still closed, and representatives had "no idea" when it was set to re-open, except that it's will probably take "a while, maybe another semester." A FourSquare user posted a photo of the notice in the shuttered space, which has been empty for nearly two months. And when a student asked City Tech on Facebook two weeks ago, "Why does citytech looks so run down, the exectutive [sic] offices are so newly done, and why is it taking so long for the cafeteria to re-open?" the school responded, "Cafeteria reopening is tied up with formally severing the ties with the former vendor. When a new vendor is selected they will want to do a good deal of work before it reopens."

In the meantime, the cafeteria at 186 Jay Street is open, though you might want to consider brown-bagging it before class.