Months after serving a driver who later hit a teenage girl, a City Island bar is in the hot seat. According to city lawyers, who called it a public nuisance that shouldn't be allowed to do business, the Library Bar & Grill doesn't card young-looking customers.

City Hall's legal department is suing Library Bar & Grill for $2000 for serving alcohol in a "business as usual manner" to two undercover cops who looked young but weren't carded. (Apparently, City Island isn't cracking down on underage drinkers like the LES.) Library was also in the news last year when customer Peter Wolfman "stumbled out" of the bar and proceeded to critically injure a 17-year-old girl with his car.

The bar has yet to return our calls for comment, but if the city wins the case, Library could be closed for a year, which would be the most exciting thing to happen on City Island since a rooster-raising hairdresser was busted for selling drugs out of his barbershop.