It is good to be the king, but not necessarily the Burger King. In the past month the chain not only has had to deal with the indignity of being usurped by Wendy's but this week it has suffered the fallout from an ill-conceived Mary J. Blige commercial (since retracted). Oh, and yesterday a number of New York City Council members wrote the chain a letter asking them to please not bring their proposed food trucks to the Big Apple. Heavy the head that wears the crown.

This week the King announced that it would be bringing food trucks to 40 cities, as yet undetermined, to showcase all their overhauled menu items including salads and dipping sauces like Kung Pao and Roasted Jalapeño. But City Council Speaker Christine Quinn as well as council members Diana Reyna, Leroy Comrie Jr. (who does love his fast food, if not the toys) and Maria del Carmen Arroyo do not like this idea! "Doling out unhealthy food on city streets simply to drum up business will do more harm than good—and we won’t let it happen here," they wrote. "Given that over one-third of our school-aged children are overweight or obese," they went on, "we see your plan as a direct threat to the health of our city’s youth."

At least there was one bit of good news for the chain this week. It reached a deal on Tuesday that will bring its stock back to the public market in the next two or three months.