First, the cops were removing bikes along the President's motorcade they're kicking out the Schnitzel & Things truck from a spot at East 54th Street and Lexington Avenue because of...a terrorist threat? Schnitzel & Things Tweeted, "Dear all, we've been kicked out by cops because of complaints from citicorp. The reason they gave = 'we are a terrorist threat' Lol WTF????"

We spoke to Schnitzel & Things' Gene Voss who said that when the police first told him to move the truck, he showed that he was legally parked and permitted. The police also looked at his and his employees vending permits. The police left but returned saying that since the Citigroup Building is such a high-profile building (and possible terrorist target), the Citigroup could make a complaint citing a terrorist threat and cops were essentially empowered to make him leave. When asked if he's been forced to move from other spots, Voss said that when he was parked outside the News Corp. building at 6th Avenue and 48th Street, News Corp. apparently complained to cops—but in that instance, the cops said he was allowed to stay.

We've asked NYPD to enlighten us about when street vendors can or can't stay outside of buildings. In the meantime, the Schnitzel & Things truck is back in Red Hook, Tweeting about the injustice of it all: "Citicorp building shame on you for calling the cops on us! We're feeding your employees!! And we're a 'terrorist threat'? this is insanity!!" While there are supportive Tweets (example: "That's because your Schnitzel is exploding with flava ;)"), some suggest this is comeuppance for abandoning Brooklyn: "@schnitzeltruck see, you should have come to DUMBO today!!!"