Caffeine-addicted Mets fans won't be forced to gargle Pepsi with their oversized hot dogs anymore: starting at the beginning of 2016, Coca-Cola will replace Pepsi as the official soda of Citi Field. Pepsi has sponsored the stadium since it opened in 2009, and its departure means the removal of the sign behind right field that gives the Pepsi Porch its name.

"Pepsi had a nice long run here—a great partner for many, many, many years," Mets executive vice president Lou DePaoli told ESPN. "But we were made a phenomenal offer with Coke. They’ve been very aggressive from a marketing standpoint and bring some change to the table and some new assets."

The outgoing soda company plans to pour more money into advertising at Wrigley Field in Chicago, figuring that it has enough exposure at Yankee Stadium, according to Sports Business Journal. Mr. Met and Coke's polar bear mascot will make the new corporate partnership official by ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday.

It's not clear yet what will happen to the choice visual real estate vacated by Pepsi's outfield sign.

"It's still TBD," Depaoli said.

For what it's worth, the Mets have historically been a very coke-positive team.