International over-the-top dessert empire Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man has sent hordes of tourists spiraling into a sugar stupor for more than a decade now at its US flagship near Union Square, but that doesn't mean its resting on it's chocolate pizza laurels. As part of a vaguely-defined revamp of its entire food offerings, over the past few weeks Max Brenner added or refined a number of dishes on the already insanely-long Sweets Menu. Last night Gothamist was invited to a press "dinner" to eat all the treats. Which we did. And, yes, we're still full.

Yesterday, June 6th, in addition to being the 53rd anniversary of D-Day, was also National Churro Day, apparently, so let's start with two new desserts using those chewy, cinnamony pastries. The Churro Taco Waffle, while only peripherally involving churros (the waffles are deep fried and rolled in sugar and cinnamon; it's more the "idea" of churros), is nonetheless an impressive and highly photogenic slab of sweetness, involving three scoops of ice cream, mixed berries, crunchy Choco-pops, mint, and a carafe of thick milk chocolate sauce which you pour all over everything, including the table. Much more Churro-y (but not terribly crystal-y) is the Crystal Churro Fondue, a cone of the pastry sticks with warm cups of raspberry and chocolate sauces (milk, dark, or white, your choice!) for dipping.

Next up came two monster S'more-based dishes. The S'More Concoction is a parfait version of the campfire classic, with layers of chocolate mousse, marshmallow fluff, crushed-up graham crackers, white chocolate chunks, and whipped cream, AND you get three sides: toffee sauce, caramelized bananas (sitting in caramel sauce), and an actual open-faced s'more. Not enough sugar for you? Get the Spectacular Melting Chocolate S'more Sundae instead, with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, layers of milk chocolate, marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sauce (sure, why not), all topped by an enormous toasted marshmallow with chocolate-covered graham crackers. And white chocolate ganache and whipped cream on the side.

Finally, a pair of (RED) Velvet Waffles were set before us, each about an inch thick. They're "strawberry sugar" flavored—rather than traditional red velvet cake, which is chocolate—slathered with a white chocolate goo, then topped with whipped cream and chocolate bits, with a flask of chocolate sauce so you can make a nifty drizzle video. All proceeds from (RED) Velvet Waffle sales are given directly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

Max Brenner is located at 841 Broadway, just south of 14th Street and Union Square (646-467-8803;