Finally, someone has created a Tumblr that documents Very Important Moments in Law & Order. No, not the screen cards that show the various fake addresses (600 West 78th Street would be in the Hudson River!)—the Law & Order & Food Tumblr has screengrabs of Law & Order characters eating food. Time to feast your eyes on Detective Lennie Briscoe eating some street meat!

So far, it looks like there are images of Briscoe, Mike Logan, Anita Van Buren, Ben Stone, Jack McCoy, Adam Schiff, and Claire Kincaid—no Max Greevey, Phil Cerreta, Donald Cragen or Paul Robinette yet. We think the Tumblr needs a little Profaci, if possible (he seems like someone who would have eaten in the squad room). Anyway, this make us nostalgic—what would Lennie think of all these fancy food trucks?

Chung chung!