Oh, crap. The Christmas season has begun. Though it is nearly 65° outside and it feels like Halloween just ended and yeah, Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, one of the surest signs of the impending noel has arrived: Yesterday morning the long-standing Gramercy German/French Bavarian restaurant Rolf's put the finishing touches on its famous Christmas lights. The holiday season is ON.

And oh, what lights they are. This year they've got more than 80,000 of them strung up, along with buckets of other decorations in the not-huge restaurant known more for its kitsch than its kitchen.

Considering how much earlier and earlier restaurants keep bringing out their decorations its a wonder that nobody has opened a year-round Christmas bar yet. Perhaps we should start a Kickstarter? We could call it Noel-land or Jolly St. Nick's or just A Christmas Bar.

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