Chocolate Toothpaste Is Real And Coming For Your Mouth

Be® Grossed Out
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Be® Grossed Out

Crest's latest toothpaste innovation seems tailor made for use the morning after a depraved Doritos Locos Tacos binge. The company recently debuted their new series of toothpastes, called "Be," in such tempting flavors as Vanilla Mint Spark, Lime Spearmint Zest and Mint Chocolate Trek. Can't you just taste the rising blood sugar levels?

With the new flavors, the company's team of in-house flavorists want consumers to "explore outside their boundaries" and "arouse their senses." Is Crest trying to sell toothpaste or engage us in an illicit oral act? "Crest Be® Mint Chocolate Trek opens with a rich, creamy cocoa flavor that provides an indulgent and decadent experience," reads the press release. "The cocoa flavor evolves into a minty cool sensation and ends with a lingering fresh feeling."

The totally not marketed to kids toothpastes debut the first week of February for $4.99 a tube. Think of it as a thoughtful, inexpensive Valentine's Day gift.

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