Marie Belle Chocolates

After tackling cupcakes and BBQ, the Times Julia Moskin looks at the new age of chocolate appreciation that includes chocolate flights, chocolate conoisseurship, and interest in chocolates flavored with rose, wasabi, and thyme. owner explains it well, when he says, "Chocolate is a relatively affordable obsession. The most expensive bottle of wine is way out of most people's reach; the most expensive bottle of balsamic vinegar costs more than a thousand dollars. But the most expensive chocolate bar costs only $9."

Count Chocula

The Times also has a handy guide to finding chocolate in NY and online; two are West Village Chocolate Bar and Marie–Belle and a glossary of some of the most wonderful words ever, like ganache, praline, and truffle.

Here at Gothamist, Jake is partial to Marie–Belle's hot chocolate whereas Jen loves the puddingy hot choclate at @SQC.

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