Science! What magical skin remedy will you come up with next? In August alone, science has said that winos and speed freaks will be spared the damaging effects of the sun, and today, chocolate joins the growing ranks of foods that might protect your pasty, withered skin.

Researchers at Quebec's Laval University's Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
are currently gathering fair-skinned female volunteers to eat three squares of chocolate every day for 12 weeks, thus making this the study women around the world are most likely to beg to participate in. Polyphenals, a chemical found in chocolate, has been found to increase blood flow close to the skin, which helps protect against harmful ultraviolet rays. The chocolate-eating women will be exposed to UV rays and the scientists will monitor their skin for sun damage.

The researchers have currently only recruited about half of their subjects, so act fast and get on up to Canada if you too want the opportunity to eat sweets and stare down skin cancer all in one fell swoop. Depending on the results, you could have three new ways to protect your skin, with chocolate, wine and coffee: essentials for a sizzling day at the beach.