2004_10_food_tonycover.jpgLeafing through the most recent issue of Time Out New York, Gothamist was completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in a good way, mind you, but we really weren't sure what to tell you about first.

The Mexican Restaurant Tour, which features prix fixe lunches, dinners, and other events at 30 authentic Mexican restaurants between now and the end of October? Downtown for Dinner 2004, where you can get three-course prix fixe dinners for $20.04 from November 1-7 at a slew of downtown spots? The continuing celebration of Spanish Wine Month, with tastings and events throughout the month? The All Asia Food Expo Celebration, now through October 31st, during which more than 41 Chinatown favorites will be offering $8.88 four-course lunches and $18.88 four-course dinners? Ack!

Regardless, we had to make sure to tell you that it's the Cheap Eats issue, one of Gothamist's favorites, and this year it's conveniently organized by street and neighborhood -- Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, 30th Avenue in Astoria, 116th Street in Harlem, Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights and Park Slope, and more -- we now have at least seven field trips planned in the near future, depending on which direction we fell like heading on any given day. So go pick up a copy while it's still at newsstands, and get eating!