Exploding yogurt makes breakfast exciting! After days of attempted damage control following mold contamination in its products, Chobani Yogurt has officially recalled batches of yogurt that had been making consumers ill. Chobani eaters had been taking to the company's Facebook page to report cups that were "ready to explode" and yogurt that tasted like it had been "mixed with bitter seltzer, fizz or pop rocks."

On Saturday, the brand released a letter to customers explaining they'd removed products from shelves but did not announce an official recall. Four days later, the company revealed that an Idaho plant—perhaps this one?—had been tainted with a "type of mold commonly found in the dairy environment," but still refused to issue a recall. Finally, this morning the company capitulated and recalled the tainted yogurt products.

So how do you know if your yogurt will give you stomach cramps, diarrhea, an itchy, sore throat and migraines? Look for the 16-012 code and an expiration date between 9/11/13 and 10/7/13 and any suspicious activity in your refrigerator.