Chipotle's been struggling with some food safety issues over the last year or so, with E. Coli, salmonella and norovirus scares overshadowing all those delicious human baby-sized burritos they make. But it appears folks who got sick are at least getting some quick financial restitution—the company has reportedly quietly settled over 100 claims over the last six months.

Reuters reports that Chipotle's been settling its claims out of court, probably so the company won't remind the public that they were so recently plagued by rampant food poisoning. The terms of the settlements are all confidential, but the claims were all filed by people whose ailments were verified by medical professionals. An attorney representing some of the plaintiffs called Chipotle's move "textbook appropriate," adding, "They've taken responsibility."

That's all good for Chipotle, but the company's reputation is still in hot water—polls show that consumers are still iffy about dining there post-E. Coli scare, and sales nosedived during the fiscal quarter that ended on June 30th. The company's tried to re-ingratiate itself with customers via a free burrito rewards program, but it's unclear whether that'll work.