Vegetarians, you might want to think twice about getting those pinto beans in your fajita burritos from Chipotle. Unless you are a self-loathing bacon fan, that is. Maxim's Seth Porges recently discovered that the fast casual giant cooks its pinto beans in bacon. Naturally, he Tweeted about it. And now, because Chipotle is that kinda chain, the company is promising to change its ways. Oh, and the company's CEO personally called Porges to apologize.

See, Chipotle employees are supposed to warn diners that their beans are made with bacon, but we've certainly never heard such a warning. So now, to make sure that no vegetarians (or Kosher eaters) are ever tricked into devouring the candy of the meats again, the chain's menus are all being redesigned. A rep tells Consumerist that "The menu panels have been redesigned to reflect that change, and the plan is to deliver them to restaurants along with other changes to the menu boards over the next several months." We'd call that a win—though we wonder if any vegetarians are going to get litigious now that the truth it out there.

You can read Porges's tweets and his letter to Chipotle here.