Chipotle says it has "detected unauthorized activity" on the system that processes payments, which could mean that customer data has been exposed to hackers. All of this after over a year of dealing with a food safety crisis...(and that whole cocaine thing). We now take you live to Chipotle's board room:

The company released a statement in response to the possible data breach, indicating the "security incident" happened between March 24, 2017 through April 18, 2017. "We immediately began an investigation with the help of leading cyber security firms, law enforcement, and our payment processor," the statement says. "We believe actions we have taken have stopped the unauthorized activity, and we have implemented additional security enhancements."

Coincidentally, things were looking better for the burrito chain as of yesterday evening, when earnings reports released by the chain showed better than expected growth following the last couple of years of turbulence—though that may depend on whom you ask.

If you rode the extra guac train during the affected dates, Chipotle recommends that you scrutinize your payment card statements for any unauthorized charges. They'll also be posting updates with new information about the breach.

[via Buzzfeed]