It's been a long wait for vegetarians who enviously watched as West Coasters tucked into hearty Chipotle burritos stuffed with the chain's new tofu offering, dubbed sofritas. But the wait is almost over, folks, because the new meat-free protein offering drops next Monday, March 3rd in NYC markets, and boy oh boy was it worth the wait.

Watery, chalky supermarket tofu this is not. The chain sources their product from Oakland-based Hodo Soy, which crafts artisanal tofu with beans sourced from organic, sustainable farms across the country. The partnership reflects the company's commitment to natural products, as well as the desire for the best-tasting product they can find. The quality stands out, both in the tofu's slightly chewy texture and the subtle nutty flavor.

To create the sofritas, the tofu gets seared and then ground into crumbles similar to the chorizo bits you might find in a taco. The tofu is also braised with chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos and lots of spices, in a treatment similar to the ones given to other protein offerings. The resulting product has a deep, earthy flavor with bright notes of cumin and lots of heat from the peppers.

Tofuphobes will have a hard time defending their positions after trying it, especially wrapped in one of Chipotle's big burritos. The decision to crumble the tofu, as opposed to cubing it, is part of the dish's success. They've managed to avoid the unpleasant, overly chewy chunks of flavorless soy product that can derail even the most well-intentioned dish.

Like all their other proteins, the sofritas will be available in burritos, tacos, salads and bowls with whatever fixins you want. And don't worry, those pinto beans are now 100% vegetarian.