Well, this is interesting. Chipotle, the "fast-casual" burrito chain we once said we "can't bring ourselves to hate," is expanding its menu to include chorizo, though it's not like any chorizo we've ever heard of.

The restaurant, which recently tapped short-lived Pulino's chef Nate Appleman to head up their test kitchens, has apparently been testing the new chorizo at 46 of their 50 New York locations, putting it on their menu with a sign saying that the chorizo is made with “naturally raised pork and chicken sausage with herbs and spices.”

Now, we could have sworn that chorizo was made with pork, so this sounds a little funky to us. If the chain does decide to roll out the new "chorizo" nationwide, it will be its first new protein offering in several years. But should you care to try the real deal, we recommend here, here, or here, all of which have chicken-free chorizo on their menus.